Back and forth

I go back and forth between theories about what the hell is going on in my country right now. Sometimes I feel like we are caught in a bad political comedy with the Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight, as they all seem so inept and clueless. Then the pendulum swings and I think we are being distracted while a gang of clever greedy SOBs dismantle everything that being American stands for. I’m frankly not sure most of the time which is the more desirable outcome. In either event, the America we will be living in in four years is going to look very different from the one we are in today, I am afraid. And I AM afraid. I’m afraid for America’s standing in the community of nations, I’m afraid a crazy narcissist with a very thin skin had the nuclear codes. I’m afraid Putin really does have Kompromat on The Donald and has every intention of using it – probably already has and will continue to. I’m afraid that I’m right and that there really is an Evil Genius in the White House (Steve Bannon) who is pulling all the strings and is determined, as he has said time and again, to bring down the government and create chaos.

And I don’t know what to do. I live in a state that is heavily Democratic, so other than sending ‘attaboy’ and ‘attagirl’ encouragement to my Senators, I can’t do much to try and swing any Republicans into opposition to the current regime. I don’t have enough money to be influential with anyone. I can write letters (and do) and go to the odd protest, but what good does it do in the end, no matter which theory of what is happening is really the right one? I guess we just endure this, and hope for the best that our institutions are stronger than they look right now and that #45 does something sufficiiently outrageous really soon and turns off at least the responsible and sane Republicans (assuming that, other than McCain and Graham, there are any) if not his rabid and willfully ignorant base, to get himself either declared incompetent to hold office or impeached.

Meanwhile, I and most of the other people I know, are standing on the sidelines, watching, sharking our heads in bafflement, and hoping it will all just go away.