Life goes on

No matter what is happening in the halls of power, regular life does, indeed go on, and we are preparing for our spring excursion – hoping that nothing that emerges from Washington (or elsewhere) is going to throw too much of a wrench (or for my UK friends – a spanner) into the works.

This time we’ll be heading mostly inland, mostly to Germany, with some side trips into Austria and Hungary, and in preparation I have been reading Danubia and watching documentaries on the history of Vienna (thank you Fiona!) and have learned more about the Hapsburgs than I ever learned in school (which pretty much consisted of Holy Roman Emperors, Electors, Austria Hungary, Ottoman Empire, War of the Spanish Sucession then there was Fredrick the Great and the Hapsburgs weren’t that important any more until Archduke Ferdinand – and that they married their cousins too much and had bad chins.) I now know a great deal more, and they really did marry their cousins way too much, and have really bad chins, but they also had a number of centuries of dominance over a very chaotic region and the seeds of many of the contemporary conflicts are rooted in the family history.

I am really looking forward to seeing this region and getting to explore some of the historic and scenic areas we will be visiting. I’ve also been fascinated with ‘Mad’ King Ludwig for years and we will be visiting at least a couple of his castles as well (he wasn’t a Hapsburg, though.) In addition, we will be spending some time in and around Munich on our own after our back to back river cruises on the Danube, and I hope to get to see some of the ancestral homes of my mother’s mother’s family, the Killians. I always thought, with a name like Killian, they were likely to have been Irish, but it turns out that a St. Killian, who was Irish, came over and proselitzed to the Germans, and these particular ancestors most likely were from the district around the Cathedral named for him. They were engravers and jewelers, the most famous being a contemporary of Durer and it turns out that his engravings – mostly portraits – are in the collections of a number of notable museums. That particular branch of the family was from Augsburg and I have a day trip planned to go there from Munich, just to see if we can find some traces.

I’ll be posting a travelogue as we go along.