Less than a week to go

Until The Donald, aka Rumplethinskin, is inagurated as our 45th President.  Unthinkable, but there it is.  The vitriol on social media continues unabated with both sides seemingly wilfully misinterpreting the other.  Weirdness abounds in abundance – claims from the right that Obama made the country more racist, but no indication of how he managed this feat  and denials that he did anything good for the country at all (never mind the economic recovery, withdrawal of troops from around the globe, or extending health insurance to millions – none of that either happened or was good if it did…) and almost equal hysteria from the left – albeit, in my view, slightly more merited – that the apocolypse is upon us.  There is no rational discourse, no agreement to disagree, and certainly no attempts whatsoever on the part of the Orange Monstrosity to heal and bring together.  All he seems capable of doing is tweeting his displeasure with any and all who question him in the smallest ways, and encouraging those who blindly support his every move – sometimes to the point of questionable legality as with Linda Bean of LL Bean.

Questionable legality may be what saves us from an extended Trump presidency in the end, as he has refused to disconnect from his ’empire’ and the specter of conflicts of interest loom large given the global nature of his businesses.  His unpredictableness, and his narcissism may wear thin quickly, and his own party may turn on him and surely he will be providing them with ample ammunition for an impeachment should they so choose.  That is even without going to the Russian connection and what is behind his ‘bromance’ with Vladimir Putin.  There seems to be something going on there that could even potentially rise to level of treason if all was known.

For now, all that seems clear is that whatever Trump does is going to serve Trump first and foremost and everyone else after that.  The Cabinet of Deplorables will most likely go about trying to dismantle the agencies they will have been put in place to lead, but that task is going to be formidable, much more so than they or he realize, as the agencies are peopled with career bureaucrats who know the game far better than any of these appointees every will, and who know very well how to hunker down, look like they are doing what is asked of them, and wait out the storm.

Like the ancient Chinese curse, we have been born into interesting times….